Our college National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit is working under NCC officer Lt.Dr.Dayanand Dalunke. (Assistant professor, Dept of Hindi). The NCC unit of our college consists of 108 cadets. Out of which 81 cadets are in the senior division (SD) wing and 27 cadets are in the senior wing(SW). the main motto of the NCC is to bring up the Unity and Discipline (Ekata aur Anushasan) among college students.

The extension activities of our institution are also under taken through the regular NCC camps like CATC, TSC, ARTC and T.C camps. The NCC cadets have took part in the NCC camp activities and there by imbibe the leadership qualities, national spirit, discipline, patriotism and the social service.

The extension activities of NCC living unit of our college under taken through regular NCC camps such as:
1. Combined annual training camp- CATC

2. Thalasena camp- TSC

3. Republic day camp- RDC

4. Army attachment camp- ARTC

5. Trucking camp- T.C